Perfume making kit No.1

Make oil perfume in your home! It is very fun and interesting leisure activity.

Perfume kit No.1 consists of: 6 different natural and synthetic aromatic ingredients from Grasse (France), 3 ml each. All ingredients are diluted in unrefined jojoba oil, so further dilution is no required.

List of aromatic ingredients:

Lime (top note, natural)

Mandarin (top note, natural)

Neroli (middle note , natural/synthetic)

Jasmine (middle note, synthetic)

Patchouli (base note , natural)

Multisantoli (base note, synthetic sandalwood). 

Also you will find :

Bottle for oil mixing (10 ml, 1 pc)

Perfume bottle with applicator (10 ml, 1 pc)

Pipettes (7 pcs)

Funnel (1 pc)

Scent strips (15 pcs) 

Instruction book with recommendations