Scented sachet kit

Scented sachets are designed to gently scent closets, drawers, cars, handbags and other small spaces. The kit consists of three different fragrances: TOBACCO & WHISKY, LEATHER & WINE, FERN & WOOD.

Perfume nates:

  • TOBACCO & WHISKY - tobacco, whisky, leather, black tea.
  • LEATHER & WINE - leather, wine, dried fruits.
  • FERN & WOOD - bergamot, neroli, geranium, green tea, sandalwood, coumarin, black tea.

- Perfume composition is created from the highest quality certified aromatic ingredients.
- Fragrance base is environmentally friendly.
- Duration of fragrance: 1-3 months.

Usage: remove scented sachet from transparent packaging and hang it in the desired place.

Capacity: 7 ml x 3