Stick diffuser "TOBACCO & WHISKY"

Perfume notes: tobacco, whisky, leather, black tea.

- Perfect for any home or office space.
- Perfume composition is created from the highest quality certified aromatic ingredients.
- Fragrance base is environmentally friendly.
- Duration of fragrance: 1-6 months.

Usage: place the sticks in the bottle and let the scent absorb. Turn them over after 30 minutes. When the scent starts to fade, turn all or some of the sticks over. Keep the bottle in a passing place, with the help of moving air, the smell will spread better around the room. Avoid direct sunlight.

Complete set: transparent glass bottle (height - 6.5 cm, width - 4.7 cm), plastic protective cap, gold-colored screw cap, 5 pcs. black synthetic fiber sticks (length - 24.5 cm, diameter - 3 mm), description. Everything is packed in a dark green box with a insert (external dimensions - 22 x 17.5 x 5.4 cm).

Capacity: 50 ml.